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Private Fees

Private fees

Like other professionals, your doctor is entitled to charge a fee for the work that does not fall under the umbrella of the NHS. This includes private health care, insurance forms, passport applications, private sick notes, holiday cancellation forms, local council letters and many others. Our fees are advertised in the reception area and below for your reference.

Please note – Park View Medical Centre may not provide all of the services listed below, please check with our reception team when requesting one of these services.


EHP Private Charges List January 2020

Service Price (inclusive of VAT)


Private Sick Notes £20.00
Private Prescription £20.00
To Whom It May Concern Letters £36.00

Medical Examinations & Reports

Private Consultation £72.00
Full Medical Report – No Examination £159.60
Full Private Medical Examination £144.00
Full Medical Examination and Written Report £210.00
Medical Questionnaires £107.40
GPR £214.80
Private Medical for Adopting/Fostering £144.00
Army Medical Report without Examination £72.00
Adoption Form/Report (1-4 pages) £30.00
Adoption Form/Report (5+ pages) £88.63
Private Medical for HGV/PSV/Taxi Driver/Elderly Driver/ Fitness Medical £180.00
Pre-employment Medical Patient – £120.00
Company – £240.00
Supplementary GP Report £32.40
DVLA Report Specified by DVLA on request

Access to Medical Records

Copy of Medical Records First Copy – Free
Second Copy – £50.00
Patient Access to Medical Records First Copy – Free
Second Copy – £10.00

Insurance & Travel Forms

Insurance Claim Form (1-4 pages) £31.20
Insurance Claim Form (5+ pages) £60.00
Provident Association Claim Form (BUPA/PPP) £60.00
School Fees Insurance Claim Form £60.00
Sickness Accident Claim Form £60.00
Certificate of Incapacity £24.00
Medical Insurance Certificate/Form £30.00-£120.00
Holiday Cancellation Certificate/Form £60.00
Fitness to Travel Certificate £69.60
Letter to Carry Medication Whilst Travelling £24.00
Private Prescription for Drugs required solely when travelling abroad £24.00


Private Vaccinations £25.00
Japanese B encephalitis £230.00
Tick Borne Encephalitis £155.00
Rabies £210.00
Hepatitis A & B for Occupational Health £45.00
Hepatitis B (x3 Travel) £100.00
Hepatitis B (x4 Travel) £120.00
Meningitis ACWY £70.00
Malaria Prophylaxis (Private Prescription Fee) £20.00
Yellow Fever £55.00
Malarone Adult 12 tablets £35.00
Malarone Paediatric 12 tablets £15.00
Vaccination Certificate £20.00


Diagnostic Blood Test £25.20
Bloods for Pre-employment medical £24.00
Bloods for HGV medical (per test) £46.80
Paternity Blood Test £43.20
DNA Paternity Blood Test £54.00
HIV Test requested by Insurer £40.80
Electrocardiogram £50.40
ECG for HGV Medical £36.00
ECG for Pre-employment Medical £42.00
Private Cervical Smear £38.40
Hepatitis A Antibodies £18.00
Hepatitis B Antibodies £18.00
Hepatitis C Antibodies £18.00
Rubella Antibodies £18.00
Varicella Antibodies £18.00


Blue Badge £36.00
Passport Form/ Photograph £24.00
Photocard Driving Licence Signature £36.00
Concessionary Travel Pass £36.00
Pensions Report £72.00
Citizens Advice £21.60
Citizens Card £36.00
Fitness to attend Medical Exam and Report (e.g. Sports, School, University) £50.40
Fitness to attend – Report only £28.80
Freedom from Infection Certificate £30.00
Character Reference £36.00
Copy of Private Medical Report (e.g. accident claim, life insurance report etc) £18.00
RTA Assessment not exceeding 20 minutes £90.00
Fee for Testamentary Capacity (for 10 minute appointment) £34.80
A further charge of £29.00 will be added for a report or letter
If a GP needs to attend patient at home £29.00 will be charged at 10 minute intervals
Police Witness Statement £44.40
OFSTED Report/ Childminder Form £105.00
Fitness for sport £78.00
Pilots Licence £78.00
Shotgun licence £72.00
Free from Infection Certificate £42.00