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Research and Teaching of Medical Students


From time to time the practice takes part in medical research projects, led by hospitals or Universities. We select the projects we engage in carefully to ensure they are of relevance and of benefit for our patients. You may occasionally be asked if you would like to take part in a study however if you do not wish to please let us know. Deciding to decline an offer to participate in a study will in no way affect the care and attention you receive at Park View Medical Centre.

Teaching of Medical Students

At times through the year we may have medical students working from the Medical Centre. As part of their training a medical student may be present while our doctors and nurses consult patients. If you do not wish to have a medical student present when you see your doctor please let the receptionist know. We may also ask if we can book your appointment with a medical student, who when you come will see you first and then bring in a GP to discuss your case and their opinions/ treatment options with our doctor who will approve the outcome(s).